AB, December 2021

Dear Valentina, I have received the lovely Christmas card and delicious chocolates from you and your colleagues and just wanted to say a huge thank you. This is such a sweet gesture and I very deeply appreciate it.

FR, December 2021

Dear Jessica, Thank you very much my dear ASESORA😊 for your empathy at all times. It was a pleasure to meet you.

CH, December 2021

A huge thank you to Language Matters for helping me to find a position in my dream organisation. My recruiter Lilian has been amazing, constantly providing helpful recommendations for both the recruitment process and the relocation to Amsterdam, responding to all questions in record time, proactively checking in on me and always being friendly and available. I highly recommend Lilian and the team!

MP, December 2021

Hello Team, Thank you for the chocolates , it was delicious ! And above all, thank you for all your support and the roles offered this year :)

MA, December 2021

Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card and chocolates! It really made my day!

MF, December 2021

I really appreciate your constant quick helpfulness and support, Jessica. Thank you!

NT, December 2021

Hello Jessica, Again, thank you so much. You are really going far and beyond of what I would have expected in our first email.

EV, October 2021

Dear Jessica, I hope this email finds you well. As my contract of employment has come to the end, I would like to say a Big Thank you for all your kind support all these past eighteen months. You have always kept me informed with your kind emails which I appreciated a lot. Again, I will say that it was a great professional experience working at the EMA organization.

MI, Translator, September 2021

Hi Jessica, Thanks very much for this, sounds cool. I’m up for it, you LM are the best guys😎

IB, September 2021

Hi Lorenza, Thank you so much for always being in control of the situation. Your work is much appreciated.