ME, May 2021

Marie-Anne David-Cagnac arranged a great job opportunity for me. She is providing all follow-up communication and updates immediately. Her professionalism and support are excellent. I highly recommend to contact Marie-Anne for language related job searches".

JA, April 2021

Hi Deborah, Der Start war richtig gut und dadurch dass ich in Finanzen gearbeitet habe, fehlt mir das alles etwas einfacher als den anderen Kandidaten und das haben auch die Trainer gemerkt. Ich kann mich nur bedanken bei dir, dass du mir so eine Position angeboten hast. Ist perfekt für mich.

AD, April 2021

Hi Frank, I hope you are well! It has almost been a year since you supported me in finding my perfect job with […] - I have been promoted today and thought I would thank you again for your help and support.

LN, April 2021

Frank, good evening, You had been most helpful for me finding a new job. I would not be here without your efforts, and I am sure you know the value of your input, your guidance and most of all your friendly approach.

ME, April 2021

Dear Marie-Anne, Many thanks for your kind email :-) My first day at work went very well. The team is really friendly and I hope that it will be a great success. Thanks again for all your wonderful help Thank you so much Marie-Anne, you have been super wonderful to make this work :-)

ME, March 2021

Hi Marie-Anne, Thanks so much for your great news and for all your help to make this work - You are a star!

AS, March 2021

Hi Marie-Anne Thank you so much for everything, I really appreciate it. Thanks for believing in me and for the opportunity. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

TH, March 2021

Hi Lorenza, Thank you so much for all you have done over the last years! It's been so uncomplicated & straight forward and I very much appreciated it!

CZ, January 2021

Hi Lorenza, As a side note, it's been very nice working with you. You are all very kind and approachable :) I'll definitely get in touch with you if I ever need to work again.

VD, January 2021

Hi Jessica, I'm very grateful for your excellent work and willingness. I hope to work with you again soon.