CP, June 2022

Dear Janine, Thank you so much for your support, you are always so kind ☺️. Thanks also for the time you took to look into that I really appreciate.

GC, June 2022

Dear Jessica and Janie, I also take this opportunity to thank you both for all the support given and Jessica for believing in me and for finding this role! This was such an amazing opportunity. I’m so so so grateful!

KD, May 2022

Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for everything and for finding me this job! I am ever so grateful Jessica

GC, May 2022

Dear Jessica, Many thanks for being such an excellent and professional consultant! Your support was always really important and so highly appreciated. Part of my success is because LM hired me for EMA in the first place, so I’ll be always grateful. Wishing you all the best!

BN, March 2022

Hi Sam, I just wanted to say that my experience with LanguageMatters was great, and you and Lorenza have always been very helpful.

MR, March 2022

Dear Jessica, Dear Janine I also want to THANK YOU for all your help and guidance you have given me for the past one year and half. Thank you for being always available. I wish you and Language matters team all the best!! ❤

RN, March 2022

Hi Frank, Thank you once again for your marvellous service and the support you are providing, not just to me, but to my team of colleagues.

SM, February, 2022

Dear Jessica and Janine, I wanted to thank you both for your help and support during my time. Jessica, especial thanks to you for giving me this opportunity and for the trust you put in me. I will always be grateful to you.

AZ, January 2022

I wanted to leave a good review for you and to say thank you for reaching out to me about the […] job opportunity and being so organized throughout the whole process as well as reaching out to me whilst you were on a break too, I greatly appreciated how prompt, polite and organized you were. Overall, a great service, and in the future, I will definitely recommend and use your services again.

EF, December 2021

Hi Larissa, Thank you so much for keeping me employed and for looking after me so well, I really appreciate it.