MA, December 2021

Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card and chocolates! It really made my day!

MF, December 2021

I really appreciate your constant quick helpfulness and support, Jessica. Thank you!

NT, December 2021

Hello Jessica, Again, thank you so much. You are really going far and beyond of what I would have expected in our first email.

EV, October 2021

Dear Jessica, I hope this email finds you well. As my contract of employment has come to the end, I would like to say a Big Thank you for all your kind support all these past eighteen months. You have always kept me informed with your kind emails which I appreciated a lot. Again, I will say that it was a great professional experience working at the EMA organization.

MI, Translator, September 2021

Hi Jessica, Thanks very much for this, sounds cool. I’m up for it, you LM are the best guys😎

IB, September 2021

Hi Lorenza, Thank you so much for always being in control of the situation. Your work is much appreciated.

JF, August 2021

Hi Marie-Anne Thank you so much for all your help and for always being on top of the process supporting me. I really appreciate your responsiveness and personal approach. I will recommend you with confidence to all my friends whenever they are looking for work.

BV, May 2021

Hi Marie-Anne Thank you once again for your help getting me into this position. It has been so far a very positive experience and my first good impression about the company and the colleagues got confirmed during my first week. Fingers crossed all this will continue in the future and I will do my best to learn and grow into this position.

AG, July 2021

Dear Jessica, I trust you are well, once again thank you very much for your support during my job search process, I appreciate the efficiency and manner in which you dealt with things in the process. After having experienced your excellent service, I would like to refer a friend to your services,

AG, May 2021

Hi Lorenza, You are simply the best :) Thank you so much!