AS, March 2021

Hi Marie-Anne Thank you so much for everything, I really appreciate it. Thanks for believing in me and for the opportunity. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

TH, March 2021

Hi Lorenza, Thank you so much for all you have done over the last years! It's been so uncomplicated & straight forward and I very much appreciated it!

CZ, January 2021

Hi Lorenza, As a side note, it's been very nice working with you. You are all very kind and approachable :) I'll definitely get in touch with you if I ever need to work again.

VD, January 2021

Hi Jessica, I'm very grateful for your excellent work and willingness. I hope to work with you again soon.

AA, November 2020

Hi Jessica, Thanks for your email and feedback! It’s unfortunate indeed but I’m sure more opportunities will arise in the future! We will keep in touch and please let me know of any future job roles. You have been amazing to work with, it was a great candidate experience! Thanks again & all the best to you too!

GC, July 2020

Dear Deborah, Thank you so much for your lovely message! I'm so excited about this new opportunity and I can't wait to start on Monday! 😊 I really appreciate all your help and support during the recruitment process, I do believe that your help was of paramount importance in me achieving this amazing goal! I do not know if I would have made it without you. You really skillfully guided me and gave me so much insight, and I can't thank you enough for this. I will definitely write a really positive review about your brilliant work with me. No other agency and recruiter ever gave me this high level of support, so personalised and heartfelt, and your high professional standards can only be praised. On a personal level it has been fantastic working with you, you are the best and I felt a real connection with you. I'd love to keep in touch and I will surely let you know how it goes in […], I'll do my very best to succeed in this amazing opportunity. I wish you a great day and weekend ahead and thank you again so much for everything!!

AA, July 2020

Hi Frank, Thank you so much. First day went well! :) I’m quite happy with […] as a workplace so far. Excited to keep working and developing my skills. Thanks yet again for all the help and support.

ET, July 2020

Good morning Deborah, Thanks for your kind email: I am so happy everything has been finalized! :) Your brilliant support has been key to everything and you are a real star. I can't thank you enough. And not only because everything went well, but also because you were always there, helpful, supportive, caring, knowledgeable and reliable. I didn't have to ask for anything: you anticipated every question or doubt

SK, June 2020

Hi Deborah, I really appreciate the effort and time you put into securing me an interview and the conversations we have had. I’ll be honest, I have never ever had that level of interest from any other recruitment consultant before, so thank you.

LD, March 2020

Hi Linda You have been amazing in this process