We are Recruitment Consultants and here to advise you and help you in your job search!

Struggling to write your CV? Not sure on where to start to prepare for an interview? Or do you need some help to find out what job would be the best suited for you?

We have now set up an online course inspired from Gordon Yates Training to support your personal development and give you all the answers on how to get the job you really want: “Five Steps to Work”.

Coaching is a part of our role as Recruiters and this bespoke program will provide you with all the tools you need to gain job search skills and give you guidance on how to get your dream job.

The COVID crisis has put a lot of people’s jobs in jeopardy and this online course is our way to contribute and help each and every one of you with your job search. The course could also be suited for those currently employed that may want a ‘refresher’ on all aspects surrounding finding work.

If you would like to know more or sign up, please follow the link: https://languagematters.thinkific.com/