GC, December 2018

For the attention of Marie-Anne, I am writing to you thanks to Sebastian who has contacted you yesterday referring myself. Given the very positive comments he has given me regarding your agency and the nice opportunity he has found so far with you, I agreed putting me in contact with you was a great idea.  

CM, December 2018

Hi Marie-Anne I survived the first week so I guess it's good news. I'm now with the training trying to get used to the processes and new information. By the way, many thanks for the card you sent. If any of my German speaking friends decide to move to London I will definitely recommend you!  

KP, December 2018

Hi Marie-Anne Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to work at […]  I learned a lot during my time there and I hope that I was able to add value to the company. I start my new position tomorrow and I am really looking forward to this next chapter of my life. Thanks so much for everything you have done for me and I wish you every success in the future.

JB, December 2018

Hi Jonathan, Mir geht’s ganz gut, hoffe dir geht es gut. Ich habe meine Probezeit bei […] bestanden und werde weiterhin dort arbeiten.  

MP, December 2018

Hallo Jonathan, Danke es geht mir gut wie geht es dir? Bei […] läuft es gut. Ich habe nun die Probezeit bestanden :) Ja den habe ich schon kennengelernt. Er ist mein Ansprechspartner wenn es um deutsche Businesskunden geht haha :)  

LL, December 2018

Hi Jonathan, voll nett von Dir zu hören - danke der Nachfrage. Bei mir läuft es prima und bei […] ist auch echt alles gut soweit - sehr, sehr nette Kollegen  

RG, December 2018

Hello Sam, I hope you are well. All is good at work and I'm living it! Thank you for the opportunity.  

ME, December 2018

Dear Marie Thank you for considering and selecting me. I really appreciate all your efforts in continuously getting me new assignments.  

AL, December 2018

Hi Jessica I wanted to thank all your support and help me to get this job, it was a really good experience professionally and personally.  

GF, December 2018

Hi Marie-Anne, I really want to thank you, I'm so happy! I look forward to receiving the contract. Thank you again for everything and I look forward to hearing back from you.