AA, July 2020

Hi Frank, Thank you so much. First day went well! :) I’m quite happy with […] as a workplace so far. Excited to keep working and developing my skills. Thanks yet again for all the help and support.

ET, July 2020

Good morning Deborah, Thanks for your kind email: I am so happy everything has been finalized! :) Your brilliant support has been key to everything and you are a real star. I can't thank you enough. And not only because everything went well, but also because you were always there, helpful, supportive, caring, knowledgeable and reliable. I didn't have to ask for anything: you anticipated every question or doubt

SK, June 2020

Hi Deborah, I really appreciate the effort and time you put into securing me an interview and the conversations we have had. I’ll be honest, I have never ever had that level of interest from any other recruitment consultant before, so thank you.

LD, March 2020

Hi Linda You have been amazing in this process

TS, Director, March 2020

Hi Linda, Eva was excellent and I would certainly be keen to work with her again.

JP, March 2020

Hi Frank, Ik hoop dat Ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat dankjewel voor je e-mail het gaat erg lekker bij de nieuwe baan at […] Ik ben heel erg blij dankjewel voor al je support. De eerste twee weken waren challenging, heel veel informatie. Maar het gaat heel erg lekker op het moment ben blij met deze baan. Op het moment erge druk Ik werk 7dage per week ze hadden me nodig bij me oude baan en ik wilde zo graag even helpen deze maand maar laten wij snel een keer wat gaan drinken dat zou echt fantastisch zijn dankjewel en spreek je snel

AF, Researcher, March 2020

Hi Jessica, Great project, high profile client engagement and very good team - very much enjoying this!

PB, February 2020

Hi Marie-Anne I want to thank you again for the pleasant collaboration - I have truly appreciated your bespoke approach.

LW, February 2020

HI Jessica, I am having such an amazing first week at […]; I am thrilled by the friendliness and professionalism of my colleagues and the wider team!

EU, February 2020

Dear Ms Marie-Anne, You know that I always be grateful to you for offering me this job and if you ever need something from me, I would be more than happy to help.