Candidate Testimonals

Hi Jessica, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. Both you and Ana have been very nice and helpful! So thank you for that:)  

MB, Scientific Officer, February 2019

Hi Linda. Yes I am very happy here. Everyone is so friendly and I’m learning a lot on a daily basis. It’s very structured and professional compared to previous jobs. And here I also have a lot more responsibility. So yes, I enjoy it a lot - thanks!

JK, Customer Care Coordinator, February 2019

Dear Jessica, dear Rebecca I want to thank you both for your support in the last 1.5 years and for the opportunity in the first place. What I'd considered a temporary, short-term job has now become the exact opposite and something that will change my life considerably. Exciting times!  

BF, Writer-Editor, February 2019

Hi Jessica, Hope you're well. Contacting you as you were wonderful last time when searching for a job.  

KF, February 2019

Dear Hannah, Long time no speak! You are my winter shooting star, appearing only once a year around Christmas. I am doing very well thank you and trust you do too. This role sounds amazing and I would love to discuss it with you! When is it the best time to speak?

MD, PA, February 2019

Hannah is the loveliest and most determined recruitment consultant I have ever met so far. You will be in good hands.  

 JC, February 2019

It was finally amazing to find an efficient recruitment agency such as Language matters who does not only promise but really acts.  Hannah Edgeley, senior consultant understood straight away my competences and strengths and placed me in a wonderful role 1 year and a half ago, where I still fit 120%!  Thanks again.  

FR, Executive Assistant, January 2019

Hi Linda, I hope you are doing well. I just received the card and thanks for the card. I really appreciated it. And I would like to say thank you for helping me along the finding job period. I do appreciate all the efforts and help you made and the time you spent on my application. I am now currently working in the company and I enjoy it very much. Everything is going well and thanks for the advice's and the calls.  

LCW, January 2019

Dear Hannah, Thank you for checking. Yes I've moved to Events Manager, that is a huge step forward from PA and opened a unique opportunity for me.  […] is treating me beyond good and it's definitely a company that gives you the opportunity to move forward.  […] is having a good start and We are working a lot together to ensure that […] is happy with the switch (I build a great relationship with […]).  […] have been nothing than great in these past 9 months, and it's a pleasure work with them. Thank you again for the opportunity that you gave me as it literally changed my life. I wish you a great 2019 and let's be in touch.  

EA, Event Manager, January 2019

Hi Jessica, Happy New Year! I hope you celebrated and rested well for a bright start to the year :) Thank you for managing this opportunity for me in the last year, it was great working with you and with […]! I would love to hear from you again in the future if any similar opportunities arise.    

MW, Creative Writer, January 2019

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