Mandarin Account Manager, January 2015

Dear Valentina, Thank you very much for your help, much appreciated. The service I have received is very professional and personalized.

Swedish Customer Care Coordinator, January 2015

Hannah, I want to take the opportunity and thank you, Sharon and all the others at Language matters for making this period very pleasant and hassle free. Really far beyond my expectations.

Spanish Bilingual Project Manager, International Legal Company, December 2014

I know that Christine updated you about me becoming a permanent member of staff here, which I am absolutely thrilled about, and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your colleagues for finding me this job and supporting me over the last year and a bit.

Dutch Market Researcher, December 2014

Hey Sam, thanks for the email, I actually wanted to email you on Wednesday to thank you for your help. I know it’s your job, but honestly I really appreciate your time and effort. Yes the training went very well but we got to carry on on Monday. So again thank you very much for your help and I hope to hear from you soon if there are any other jobs available.

German Customer Service Coordinator, October 2014

Valentina, thank you so much for your help! I am really glad I met you today; it feels like I’m in good hands. I hope to hear from you again soon!

Italian Bilingual Legal PA, September 2014

I am really enjoying working [here], the working environment is very pleasant and the job is simple and challenging at the very same time. Thank you so so much for helping me throughout the entire recruitment process, you have been super nice.

French Bilingual Corporate Banking PA, September 2014

I am particularly happy you got to place me. When I met you both, I felt you took time to understand what I was looking for, the interview was thorough as was the rest of the process. Communication has been absolutely faultless to this date which I very much appreciate. I can only say thank you very much for all your work and I am very grateful for the role.

Trilingual Translator, August 2014

Hi Valentina, Thank you for your email. My first day was absolutely fantastic, and the second day is going great as well! Thank you so much for your help getting this job, I'm extremely happy to be here!

Italian Inside Sales Executive, July 2014

About Languagematters I can just say that is the best recrutiment-agency in London and I am really satisfied with them. Indeed they found me a job in the role and sector I was looking for and where I can now perform to the best of my ability and build the career I wanted. In the first pre-interview, Frank understood what were my capabilities and aspirations and after only 2 weeks he provided me with an interview in a big company and in a position that was perfectly matching with my expectations. The staff of Languagematters has shown great dedication and professionalism and throughout all the hiring process they supported me with suggestions and encouragement. Unlike other agencies they really showed interest and willingness to make the extra-effort necessary to get the perfect match. Thanks!

Dutch Quality Assurance, July 2014

Dear Hannah, As you know, I have left the UK and therefore had to quit working for Language Matters. Working for Language Matters' clients was a wonderful experience that I am glad to have had. I am most grateful for the friendly employers, quick responses to questions and the variation of work provided.