German speaking Customer Advisor, June 2015

Dear Ms Valentina Tammaro, thank you for informing me about the great news. I also wish to thank you very much for all your kind assistance and guidance in this matter, with regards to the preparation for the telephone interview as well as for the face-to-face interview within just a few days. I really appreciate your fine-tuned professionalism and good work.

Turkish speaking Customer Advisor, May 2015

Sam, thank you very much for all your help at first place! Thanks for finding me on linked in. I wouldn't pass that first interview without your help :) Thanks a lot!

Hebrew speaking Researcher, April 2015

Dear Hannah, I want to thank you for all your help over the past 10 months or so. Every role you found for me was interesting and challenging, which one doesn't necessarily expect when looking for temporary work. The work also gave me valuable experience in various industries, which was a huge help when it came to seeking full-time employment. I can only hope the job I'm about to start will be as enjoyable as the work you've been able to find for me at Languages Matters. Thanks again.

Czech speaking Project Officer, April 2015

Dear Rebecca, Today is my last day working at EMA as interim employed by Language Matters. I will be shortly sending out my last timesheet for the first three days of this week. I would like to thank you for your support and trust put into me almost a year ago, as without you and Language Matters I would not be here today. I feel really grateful, and I really appreciate my time with Language Matters.

Partnership Secretary, April 2015

Dear Julie, I write to say a sincere "Thank You" for all your help and support in finding a suitable position for me.  I encountered a number of Recruitment Consultants during my search but you surpassed them all.  Your professionalism, attention to detail and personal touch really is second to none. You do not treat your candidates as a Sales Commodity but as human beings.  You really understood the requirements of the Client you were recruiting for and were very thorough in ensuring that I was a suitable candidate for their specific requirements.  Your up-date calls and emails really were exceptionally helpful and very rarely seen in today's market.  The kindness of following up even after I had been offered the job and remembering my start date and contacting me to find out how it went was much appreciated and so rare compared other recruiters.  You are an absolute credit to Language Matters and they are very lucky to have you flying the flag for them.  You really do go above and beyond and I would be grateful if you could forward this email to your Manager. I look forward to dealing with you in the future as I recruit staff in my new role that you put me forward for.  I am loving it here (you were right, it is a perfect fit) and long may it last!

Transcreation Project Manager, April 2015

Dear Sam, Thank you very much for the good news, it was hard but we did it in the end! Thanks for your help, time and patience, I should definitely buy you a coffee at least!

Spanish speaking Secretary, March 2015

Dear Rebecca, Thank you very much for your kind email yesterday. I want to say a very warm thank you for your time, effort and persistence in helping me start at.... You have been incredibly helpful and supportive and I am very grateful for your help. I also want to thank you for looking further into the issue of the hourly rate which I very much appreciate. My first day at ………… was very interesting and it is a very interesting place to work and the team is very dynamic.

German speaking Administrator, February 2015

Hi Sam, Just heard your voice mail. I really enjoy working here. The team is really friendly and I am non stop busy. I attended an event yesterday hosted by us which was a great experience. Thank you for putting me forward :)

German speaking Customer Service Advisor, February 2015

Hi Sam, I really appreciate your quick and efficient help with all of this – are you sure you aren’t part German? ;)

German speaking E-commerce Assistant, February 2015

Many thanks to Frank.  I am very happy with my job and I was very satisfied with the processing by Language Matters.  Before the interview they supported me very good, also with questions that were unclear to me.  All in all, thank you for the professional assistance.”