DT, Researcher, July 2019

Dear Jessica, Thank you for the prompt response and support. You were a great help.  

MW, July 2019

Hi Linda, I just want to let you know that the French team that you provided for the seven week period were excellent. In my experience it is rare to get such a good group together. Thank you for that.  

RS, July 2019

Thanks for your hard work Jess! CVs look great.  

SG, July 2019

Hi Frank, Thank you. You’re playing an important part towards my initial success and thank you for your prompt responses and an incredible service!  

LS, July 2019

Hello Linda, Thank you as always for being amazing.  

SE, July 2019

Dear Sam/Jess He was perfect for the task in hand and his help was invaluable. We would happily have him back for future projects  

VP, Translator, July 2019

Thank you, Jessica! You're always there for me and I do appreciate it.  

GA, Copywriter, July 2019

Hi Jessica, It has been absolutely a pleasure to work at  […] with amazing people and will never forget it.  

OS, Business Developer, July 2019

Hi Linda, Thank you for providing me an opportunity to work in […], I really enjoy working here, and the campaign seems very exciting!  

SM, Research Consultant, July 2019

Hi Linda, I'm glad I was able to make time for this project. I very much enjoy working with you and […], so you are welcome to reach out anytime!