Candidate Testimonals

Congratulations on the internal move as you're are absolutely the BEST agent I've worked with for the past 3 years. I really hope that Jessica will continue your way of securing the best rates for translators while seeking new projects.

SS, Arabic Translator, March 2017

You have been amazing in getting me this job and I can't thank you enough. All through this process, Sam from Language Matters has assisted me with any questions I had, helped arrange interviews, prepared me for the interviews and been instrumental in securing my new role.

MH, Swedish speaking client service executive, February 2017

Hi Jonathan, I received your card in the post today, congratulating me on the new job at […] - thank you so much it was very thoughtful! Thanks for all your help!

MD, Spanish administrator, February 2017

In my search for a new job I signed up for quite a few agencies, but none of them came close to the level of service that Frank from LanguageMatters gave me. The whole experience with the agency, from the moment I signed up to the moment when I signed my contract, has been excellent. Contrary to other agencies, which tend to drop you once they see no more value in you, Frank set me up with three different interviews within the space of three weeks. He also did everything he could to help me adequately prepare, sending over potential interview questions, what type of interview I could expect, and which people I would be meeting. He also kept in touch to hear how the interviews went and to hear of any progress I was making in the job search. I would recommend anyone with fluency in an additional language to send over their resume and they will handle the rest for you. Couldn't recommend this agency enough.

TD, Dutch speaking Marketer, February 2017

Hi Hannah, I wish you all the Best and would like to thank you again for being such a great help. Your agency is by far the best I've had!

MB, German speaking team secretary, January 2017

Dear Rebecca, happy new year. I'm really delighted about your email, thanks very much. I'm proud to collaborate with you because - as I said to Hannah - you work with the most important clients and you are a great agency to work with. I really hope to keep working together with you.

MT, Italian Translator, December 2016

Hi Ricardo! Thank you for your help. I have worked with many agencies in London, but you guys have been the best.

PS, Spanish & Italian speaking brand representative, November 2016

Hello Rebecca, It was a real pleasure to meet you at the reception too! You're such a nice person! I'm really glad (and professionally satisfied) to work with Language matters; quick answers to my emails, Sam checked several times how I was doing […]. Since yesterday, it was crazy! We worked all night but we just sent the final document and we can breathe again! What a challenge! I'm really glad I was a part of this.

French speaking Translator, November 2016

Hi Jo, as you are aware I in the process of becoming […] employee and I just wanted to thank you for your support through these years. It has been an absolutely pleasure and I cannot thank you enough for your support through each interview and assignment that I have been part of. I have finally found a permanent position and I am quite happy with […] and obviously you played a part in this process. I wish you all the best and once again thanks very much for everything.

Spanish speaking customer advisor, October 2016

Valentina, it has been a great pleasure to work through Language Matters and I would like to thank you and the team.

French proof reader, September 2016

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