Candidate Testimonals

I have nearly finished my second day at […] and I am very happy with my decision to accept their offer. The team and work environment are very helpful and welcoming and it is exactly what I have been looking for.

BH, Meetings Support, July 2017

I am actively looking and would very much prefer to be represented by a recruitment consultant that I have a rapport with like you. I'm sure you may have other vacancies we can try and go for together in central London.

AF, French speaker, July 2017

Hi Hannah, I would like to thank you so much for your help to get this position. You were really helpful with tips and suggestion. I will recommend you to my friends if they will need to find a new job.

MC, Legal Secretary, July 2017

Hi Jessica, Thank you for your kind words and support during this all time, you guys are amazing!

VU, Registration Office, July 2017

Ich finde, Sie machen Ihre Aufgabe richtig gut und ich habe mich auch unheimlich ueber die Motivationsnachricht vor dem Interview gefreut - das war wirklich lieb von Ihnen!

BO, German speaker, July 2017

Dear Ana, thank you for your help and kind support with all the paperwork, timesheets and payments. I truly appreciate your fast problem solving!

VU, Registration Office, June 2017

Hello Jonathan, J'espère que tu passes une bonne journée! Je souhaitais juste te remercier pour le poste chez [……]. Cela se passe bien pour l'instant, je recommencerai mes recherches dans quelques semaines vu que c'est un fixed term.

JH, French Speaker, June 2017

Lovely, you are really amazing.

CK, French Speaker, June 2017

I found this job very interesting. Definitely not something you would get every day as a temporary job.  So many thanks Sam for this opportunity.

IT, Lithuanian Researcher, June 2017

Hi Jon, thank you so much for all the help. You have been a great recruiter. Much appreciated.

JI, Swedish speaker, May 2017

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