CH, Recruitment Officer, October 2019

You are a star! :)

SA, Access Manager, October 2019

Hi Jonathan, Jodie is doing amazing! Really happy to have her in my team! 

CB, August 2019

Hi Hannah Thanks for the message and likewise it has been really good to work with you – you presented an excellent list of candidates and gave us a number of different options. Ultimately I think we have chosen the right candidate for our business… but we could equally have chosen a number of the other candidates we interviewed. Thanks again for all of your help.

JR, Consultant, August 2019

Hi Marie, Thanks so much for looking into this / setting it all up for us at such short notice – you are a star!  

MW, July 2019

Hi Linda, I just want to let you know that the French team that you provided for the seven week period were excellent. In my experience it is rare to get such a good group together. Thank you for that.  

RS, July 2019

Thanks for your hard work Jess! CVs look great.  

SE, July 2019

Dear Sam/Jess He was perfect for the task in hand and his help was invaluable. We would happily have him back for future projects  

LM, June 2019

Hi Linda, Thanks again for all of your hard work on this at short notice, it is much appreciated.

MR, June 2019

I appreciate that each and every one of the candidates sent to us were very good and we weren't sent an avalanche of less than good applicants in the hopes that one of them would stick. The communication was friendly and prompt and Jon took the assignment very seriously and wanted to understand what it was that we did exactly. I can't think of anything to improve since even you can't magic up applicants out of thin air!  

TK, Junior Production Manager, June 2019

Thanks Jessica that’s great, thanks for turning these around so quickly.