DB, Senior Copywriter, Fashion, June 2018

We would love to have Rita as she has been great. We really do think she’s fantastic and would love to hold on to her.

RF, Personal Assistant, Banking, June 2018

Really pleased with Sol, she is picking up everything and I know she will do a great job!  I am leaving the team in good hands.

ER, Senior Administrative Assistant, Banking, June 2018

Dear Hannah, we always had an excellent service from you and it was a real honor to collaborate in all those years.

TB, Associate, Consultancy, June 2018

Hi Sam, Shenglong has now finished his work with us and we would like to say that he has done an great job: he has been very committed and hard-working with a structured approach to tasks. He was also quick to help and a good team player so we’d love to have him back at some point for similar work.

CM, Head of Business Development, Charity, June 2018

Jon, please pass on my thanks to all candidates. They were all excellent and presented themselves very well. Thanks to you as well for identifying them in the first place – it’s been hard to select the 3 from the bunch!

CD, Research Executive, Communications, May 2018

Hi Jessica, the freelancers were incredibly helpful today – thank you again for getting in contact with them!

DC, Client Services, Administration, May 2018

Hannah, I don't how to thank you for your kindness. You are a star. Thanks a million of times.

HM, Senior Associate, Law Firm, May 2018

Hi Sam, that is incredibly kind and very impressive at such short notice!

DM, Director Human Resources, Pharmaceutical, April 2018

Hello Jessica, thanks for sending us Cecile. Congratulations for the excellent search.

AJ, Recruiter, Media Company, April 2018

Hi Guido, It was an absolute pleasure working with you and would like to thank you for all hard work and support with our roles at […]