MO, Community Manager, Digital Company, March 2018

Thanks again for the below, and for sourcing four very suitable candidates for our products! Very much appreciated!

TO, Research Company, February 2018

Hi Guido, keep these profiles coming, really impressed do far.

LH, Fashion Company, February 2018

We will undoubtedly get in touch in the future if needed – she has really been a great addition to the team over the past 6 months.

JS, Technological Company, January 2018

Hi Sam, A superb job as per usual. […] is delighted and will be in touch with them shortly. Thank you for your help.

TO, Recruiter, Bank, January 2018

Hi Guido, These look great – exactly the type of candidate we are looking for!

JA, Production Manager, Media Company, January 2018

Hi Frank, It has always been a pleasure working with you too and the candidates have always said the same.

MR, Content Manager, Research Company, January 2018

The first day went well at least from my end! Thanks again for finding Karina!

NP, Director, Research Company, December 2017

Joanna- thank you for all your hard work this year.

MP, Solicitor, December 2017

Thank you for spoiling us with the lovely chocolates and we look forward to doing business with you in the new year. Thank you for your support throughout the year.

JM, HR and Recruitment Associate , December 2017

Frank/Guido - you are rock stars!