LM, Associate, Research Company, November 2017

I was very happy with the quality of the work.

LP, HR Assistant, Management Consultancy, November 2017

Thanks for all your help – it was a pleasure to have you in the office.

PP, Head of Organic, Media Company, November 2017

Joanna is the agency that helped us out with the temp translation and market insight work we needed recently in Asia but she also does perm contracts. Couldn’t have been happier with the candidates she sent over so well worth a chat.

OW, Consultant, Innovation Group, October 2017

Thanks so much for all your diligent work - it was a real pleasure to meet you - I hope our paths cross again!

RB, Associate, Strategy Consultancy, October 2017

Hi Sam, thanks for organising the temps for today, they all did a great job.

SM, Senior Research Executive, Communications Company, October 2017

Also, really great feedback all around.  All lovely, smart and very easy to work with. If we need any more translation work for this project I’d be keen for them to come back in if possible.

CY, Supply Company, September 2017

Our German colleagues were very impressed with the translation – thanks very much.  Will be in touch when we need any more being done.

GS, Associate, Strategy Consultancy, September 2017

Being perfectly frank, Language Matters are always my first port of call. Will be sure to be in touch should anything come up.

LS, HR Advisor, Wholesale Company, September 2017

I really liked meeting both Elodie and Michael so whoever the team go with, we’re getting a great new recruit.

CS, Production Coordinator, Media Company, September 2017

We have Alessanda in today and she’s been brilliant with getting the Italian translations done.