Language Matters does Tough Mudder

11th May 2018

We did it! 10 miles, 24 obstacles and over £1200 collected for the charity Mind!


After months of training –physical and mentally- the day came and our team smashed it. We won’t say it was easy, but we can definitely say it was fun.




The challenges involved jumping into cold water, testing strength at the monkey bars, running, swimming, loads of mud and very strong team work.  Our team worked together to get through the toughest and muddiest of obstacles including the Block Ness Monster, where working as one was key to get through freezing cold water.





We have come back stronger and ready to face any challenge that might come our way.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated money to our chosen charity –Mind. We managed to get over our target of £1000, for which we are extremely grateful.  What’s next? Bring it on!



We would also like to thank Mark Wheeler Photography for capturing the event with such amazing photos.