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Recent economic events and the expansion of the global marketplace through online trading have resulted in increased competition, from home and abroad, chasing the same sales opportunities.   The demand for the top talent is intense with candidate shortages prevalent for some sectors and regions.

As a market leading supplier of bilingual sales and multilingual business development personnel across the entire sales channel, languagematters s has a vast network of multilingual sales professionals across the entire sales channel.  We aim to match the culture and values of both client and candidate to secure a great long term match and provide the best environment for sales success.

Clients range from multinational and global blue chip organisations through to SME’s from industries as diverse as oil, property, healthcare, software, foreign exchange, internet services, management consultancy, travel, telecommunications and financial and information services.  We offer permanent and temporary sales solutions for roles including lead generators, delegate sales, software sales, media sales, inside sales and sales managers.

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