The Best Way to Learn a Language: What the Science Says

22nd November 2018

Which is the best way to learn a language? It all depends who you ask. Some learn by memorising words, other by reading or listening and then there...

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The next tool for language learning? Lego

20th November 2018

Learning a language can sometimes be difficult. A graphic designer wanted to make it easier for people to learn Arabic. She therefore created a new...

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The 14 toughest tongue-twisters in the English language

6th November 2018

The English language is full of sayings that can get anyone's tongue twisted up. According to research this tongue twister is the toughest one to s...

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Google’s translation headphones: you can order a meal but they won’t help you understand the culture

30th October 2018

When it comes down to understand and learn a language, there are so much more than just order your dinner or ask for direction. It’s the deeper cul...

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Which language would ease our way in the post-Brexit world?

23rd October 2018

According to research English could lose its importance in Europe, but would that even be possible and if so which other language could take over? ...

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Wear it pink!

19th October 2018

We at Language Matters are wearing pink today to raise money and awareness for a good cause Breast Cancer Now.

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Language: why we like some words more than others

18th October 2018

When we are learning a foreign language, there is some words that we like more than others and can even make us feel happy. Read more about it here...

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3 reasons why AI won’t replace human translators… yet

15th October 2018

Technology is shaping the future, but even the most sophisticated technology can't replace human translators yet. Read more about it here.

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The Bilingual Advantage in the Global Workplace

11th October 2018

The job market is subsequently getting more global and multilingual. Will this mean that the marketplace of the future need to be more linguistic a...

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Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out — Be Afraid Of Blending In

10th October 2018

10 tips on how you can stand out and brand yourself in your CV and interviews!

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