5 Dutch expressions that express the Dutch way of life

21st January 2020

Describing the essence of the Dutch person can be difficult. Various articles and books have attempted to describe the Dutch identity but not reall...

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Is this the most powerful word in the English language?

17th January 2020

The word “The” might be the most commonly used word in the English vocabulary. However, we don’t really reflect on the purpose of the individual wo...

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Where Dutch directness comes from

13th January 2020

The Dutch people are known for their straightforwardness and they have a word for it “bespreekbaarheid”. But where does this directness come from. ...

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Dutch law – what’s changing on Jan 1, 2020?

10th January 2020

The Dutch Council has accepted the Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB), which took in force 1st January 2020. This law will introduce impor...

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Find a Better Job: The Recruiter’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

9th January 2020

If you are ready to make a resolution of taking the next step in your career, now is the time to start preparing. Here are some few tips on how to ...

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When speaking a new language, what matters most is your attitude — not your accuracy

8th January 2020

The fear of speaking a new language can seem very intimidating and can make us feel judged and reluctant to converse. Accounting to a study, the le...

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A neuroscientist explains why being bilingual makes your brain more robust

16th December 2019

It was believed that if a child learn more than one language at a time, it would be too confusing for the child. According to research learning ano...

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The Secret To Better Work Productivity

A good night sleep is the essential source of productivity in any aspect in life. Read more about how sleep can improve your productivity.

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Christmas competition!

12th December 2019

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How To Make 2020 The Best Year Ever For Your Career

11th December 2019

If you feel that your career is not going the direction that you wish for. Then 2020 is the year of changes! Have a look at these tips for you to a...

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