The best languages to study for future job opportunities

11th November 2019

Languages are now more sought after than ever! Being able to speak another language has always been beneficial when traveling, however, mastering a...

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How the language we use entrenches inequalities

9th October 2019

Language has a massive influence across all industries and sectors, such as policy and society. It is continually evolving and we need to be aware ...

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How your language reflects the senses you use

3rd October 2019

According to a research, the language we speak can have an impact on how we describe a taste or a smell. This could also give us a hidden insight i...

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Language: why we like some words more than others

9th September 2019

When we are learning a foreign language, there is some words that we like more than others and can even make us feel happy. Read more about it here...

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The do’s and don’ts of the Dutch job market

6th September 2019

Are you considering on moving to The Netherlands? Then we can help you. It can be a bit of a difficulty to relocate to another country, especially ...

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Red, yellow, pink and green: How the world’s languages name the rainbow

23rd August 2019

Colour words vary a lot across languages. Most languages have around 11 basic colour words. According to a research new colour term will evolve ove...

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Use your Language skills.

6th August 2019

Happy Friday! What a week it has been here at Language Matters! Our brand new office in Amsterdam is open and we have loads of inspiring new vacan...

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We need languages graduates to steer us through our post-Brexit troubled waters

Over the past few years, numbers of graduates in modern language studies have drastically reduced in the UK. With current economic and trade change...

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The internet has a language diversity problem

19th July 2019

There are over 7,000 spoken languages in the world, yet the internet is dominated by just 10 languages. But, how does this affect the rest of the w...

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Bilinguals Solve Math Differently Depending on the Language

18th July 2019

According to research, bilinguals process arithmetic problems in a different way, all depending on which of their language they are using. Read mor...

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