Happy Valentine’s Day!

14th February 2018

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Language Matters for Outstanding Employee Engagement at the Recruitment Agency Expo

6th February 2018


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We’re hiring!!!

26th January 2018

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The joys and benefits of bilingualism

25th January 2018

More than half the world’s population is now bilingual. Now thought to encourage flexibility of mind and empathy, bilingualism is also tran...

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Everything you need to know about probation periods

9th November 2017

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5 ways to make your CV instantly shorter

29th August 2017

If you’re applying for a job, you’ll know that your CV should be two pages long. This saves a lot of time for the employer when finding the...

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Languagematters takes Gold

9th August 2017

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Happy Bastille Day!

14th July 2017

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4 tips to up your self-care game at work

10th July 2017

When you think about how you can be most successful at work, what comes to mind? Perhaps technical skills or raw talent? Maybe even confide...

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Struggling to learn a new language? Here’s why

21st June 2017

If you’re struggling to learn a new language, breathe, you’re not alone. Adults famously find language learning more difficult than ...

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