The power of language: we translate our thoughts into words, but words also affect the way we think

5th March 2019

Different languages have various ways of describing the world and this in turn affects how we see the world. Read more abo...

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Learning a language has a lot of benefits, including making you more tolerant

4th March 2019

It has been proved that learning or knowing a second language has its benefits.  However, according to studies, being bili...

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What happens in the brain when you learn a language?

1st March 2019

Brain scans are helping scientists understand what happens on a neurological level when you learn a second language. These...

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‘It opens up so many more opportunities’: How languages can lead to a dream job

27th February 2019

Being able to speak a second language can have an important impact in your personal life, but also in your career. It can ...

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The time it takes to learn a new language depends on what you want to do with it

26th February 2019

Learning a new language can take time, it all depends on what you want to use it for. Also the similarities and difference...

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Our language needs to evolve alongside AI. Here’s how

25th February 2019

It is surprising how much influence technology has on our language. As technology leaps forward, our language has to evolv...

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How to learn a language in an hour a day

22nd February 2019

It can be difficult learning a new language, especially with a busy work life. However, it can be possible to make progres...

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Speaking more than one language can boost economic growth

20th February 2019

According to research, languages can have an influence in economics. Countries that actively practice different languages ...

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This Simple Brain Hack Will Help You Learn a New Language Much Faster, According to Science

19th February 2019

It can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to learn a new language, but according to research there is a specific time during...

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Ten steps to finding your next job

15th February 2019

Navigating through job searches can be a bit of a jungle, however, if you have the right tools, it will make it easier. He...

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