Multilinguals Experience Personality Change When Using Different Languages

5th December 2018

Being multilingual can have an influence on your personality when using different languages. Read more about it here.

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Five Reasons Why Knowing a Foreign Language Will Help Your Career

3rd December 2018

There are so many great benefits knowing a second language. It can have an important impact on your career. The value you can bring as an employee ...

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10 Ways To Start Your Work Week Off Right To Avoid A Case Of The Mondays

2nd December 2018

It is sometimes challenging starting a new workweek if unprepared, but you can change this by mentally planning out your week ahead and making a to...

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The way you see colour depends on the language you speak

28th November 2018

The human eye can physically perceive millions of colours. But we don’t all recognise these colours in the same way, it depends on which language y...

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5 Ways Highly Effective People Overcome The Monday Blues

26th November 2018

Monday can sometimes feel tiring, but you can change all that and make it your most productive day of the week, Have a look of these 5 steps on how...

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The IPA Alphabet: How and Why You Should Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (With Charts)

23rd November 2018

Are you learning a new language? Then The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an excellent learning tool for pronunciation. A given letter can...

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The Best Way to Learn a Language: What the Science Says

22nd November 2018

Which is the best way to learn a language? It all depends who you ask. Some learn by memorising words, other by reading or listening and then there...

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An artificial language may explain common linguistic features

21st November 2018

Languages are very different on the surface, but they also share a lot of underlying commonalities and these ones are often called linguistic unive...

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The next tool for language learning? Lego

20th November 2018

Learning a language can sometimes be difficult. A graphic designer wanted to make it easier for people to learn Arabic. She therefore created a new...

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An easier way to learn a language? This is what research says

15th November 2018

According to research learning a new language do not mean that you have to practice speaking it, but just by listening you will improve much more. ...

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